Born in Beijing, China; emigrated to Hong Kong at the age of 2; spent teenage formative years in English boarding schools and then read Law in London.

Spent 4 years with the Royal Hong Kong Police and left as a Detective Inspector of a Divisional Crime Squad. Returned to England in the late eighties and embarked on legal career. Founded own law firm in 1992.

Member of Surrey Police Authority 2002 – 2010. The Authority sets Surrey Police’s budget and holds the Chief Constable to account for effectiveness and efficiency of the Force. Member of Surrey Courts Board 2004 – 2007. The Board oversees all Surrey Courts and holds the Area Director to account for the courts’ performance.

Citizen Advice Bureau volunteer solicitor since 1992. Governor of a sixth form college.

Enjoy being taken for walkies by his gorgeous English Pointer. Wonky shoulder and back from years of competitive tennis and lifting pints afterwards. Keen photographer with a webgallery – The strap line picture for this blog is that of a cat.

Favourite sayings – “Common sense is not common” and “the only constant is change”.

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