Soft Heart v. Hard Head


I discovered something odd the other day when I took the Political Compass test ( <- try it yourself).

I was tired and had a few drinks so I did the test quickly (and I guess instinctively).  The result was a shock to me as I have always thought of myself as “right-leaning”.  It probably also surprised a few people on Twitter where I posted the test result:

The next evening, I re-did the test, I had not had a drink, I was not tired and I thought about the questions carefully, analysed them logically as a lawyer would and deliberated before answering.  I specifically did not check how I answered the previous night (I couldn’t remember much anyway).  The result was more what I expected in terms of “right-leaning”; however, I had also expected to cross the line into “authoritarianism” but I didn’t:

I wonder how many people are like me? And whether they act/vote according to their hearts or heads…

And is it trite to draw the simplistic conclusion from a single sample (me) that leftwing views are from the emotional heart, but rightwing ones are from the rational head? Is that consistent with the perception that leftwingers are more prone to using emotive language or perhaps more prone to angry actions?

Should the heart or the head make national policy?  Or different parts used for different types of policies (head for defence, economy, law & order but heart for welfare, NHS, education…)  Do our current government ministers portray any signs of which way they lean… should policy makers be chosen for the way they lean?   In other words, for example, would the NHS be safer in Duncan-Smith/Frank Field’s hands than Langley’s?

The questions are endless…. but probably ultimately pointless, now where is Ms Glenda Fiddich, she is definitely a heart’s choice which goes straight to my head.

Update 21.09 22/4/11 A fellow Tweeter @Fat_Jacques tweeted to say : “Heart should lead your motives, head should lead your actions”.  Succinct. 


About Art Li

Briefly, I am a lawyer, keen amateur photographer, dog lover and politics junkie but not a member of any party. Full details on Biography page. Follow me on Twitter @Art_Li.
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