Is it just me?

… or have other people noticed that the ukuncut movement seems to operate a collective “head scratching” policy at present?

On Twitter, I follow many people from different backgrounds and political beliefs because I will only improve my own understanding of this world if I can access and constructively critique all views, not just those I agree with.

So out of genuine interest and fascination, I have posed questions like “what are you trying to achieve”, “what is your alternative to the current politics?”, “what does success look like for you” to various leftwing activists on Twitter; I have also asked via the Comments section on various left-wing blogs, Guardian CIF, the Telegraph and the New Statesman in response to various articles about the Coalition’s lack of democratic mandate or legitimacy, the failure of capitalism, the current cartel of the three political parties and similar articles of that nature.  I have also visited the ukuncut website, read the blog posts and followed various discussion threads.  I have noticed similar questions being posed by others on Twitter to ukuncut supporters.

I also posted a lengthy analysis of the ukuncut movement in a previous blog post which received many clicks but no comments on my rhetorical questions.

So to date, apart from reading page after page of criticism against the Coalition, learning about political theories, labels and revolutionary words far too long and complicated for a simple mind like mine, I am none the wiser about:

  • what ukuncut is trying to achieve; (anti-tax avoidance & higher taxes for the “rich”, or simply anti- any cuts, period?)
  • how it is more legitimate than the Coalition (16+ million Con & LibDem votes);
  • how it intend to achieve the goals (damage business infrastructure by demos?);
  • can the goals be achieved without leadership structure and funding;
  • what about splinter groups if no central organisation?
  • what it wishes to replace the current party political system with (communism/anarchy/Scandinavian models?);
  • what it proposes as the rates & thresholds for corporation and income taxes
  • Should rich & successful people be barred from government or running multi-national corporations, and if so why?
  • in addition to businesses, will it target rich individuals who may have avoided tax, eg by publishing hugely successful books via a corporate vehicle (27% corp tax) as opposed to paying 40% income tax; and
  • what it would do if the Coalition does not listen to its demands.

There are already calls for ukuncut organisation & leadership from some reasonable and thoughtful leftwing activists and for its own sake, ukuncut ought to know the answers to the above and consider having its own leadership/organisational structure, agenda & focus before they join forces with the unions in their proposed nationwide strikes in Spring 2011.   Otherwise, the movement may well be subsumed and used by the trade unions as “pseudo-flying/secondary pickets”, which are unlawful for the unions to do themselves, and eventually consumed as collateral damage in the anti-trade union fires which will almost certainly be lit by the people adversely affected by the strikes.

So, can anyone from ukuncut or otherwise tell me the answers to my questions?  I sincerely hope someone can, or the general public may well put ukuncut in the same box as Labour, marked “Criticisms & Anger R Us, everything else under construction”.

Oh one more thing, the ukuncut movement proves, if nothing else, the “Big Society” concept does work. Here we have tens of thousands of young people ready to mobilise for the anti-cuts movement, there is no reason why they can’t mobilise to help Crisis, Age Concern, Citizens Advice Bureaux, Law Centres, Centrepoint, British Legion, local councils, Neighbourhood Watch etc, all they need is to inject themselves with a bit more altruism…

Art Li

About Art Li

Briefly, I am a lawyer, keen amateur photographer, dog lover and politics junkie but not a member of any party. Full details on Biography page. Follow me on Twitter @Art_Li.
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